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What Others Are Saying

"I bought your videos last year (after reading “Dream On”) and it has been fantastic.

I have played golf infrequently for 25 years and have always hovered around 90-95.

After watching your videos and following your instructions regarding practice, I had the best round of golf of my life and scored 78!"

- Andy Ince

5 Star Review

"I feel fortunate. Whenever I go to the driving range and I see students taking lessons with a big camera facing them and the instructor looking into a computer and analyzing their every move, I can only smile knowing that I don’t have to go through that torture."

- David Arbelaez

5 Star Review

"Thanks to you after only playing golf for a year I have already shot my lowest score of 76 at Torrey Pines North and usually shoot in the low 80’s. Sometimes I don’t even like to tell people how long I’ve been playing because they make such a big deal about it, but it ads a lot of validity to the point when I mention your videos."

- Duane Rougeau

5 Star Review

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Open letter from Jim

I am keenly aware of today’s hi-tech, complex, and confusing teaching methods. This is absolutely NOT the way to learn your best golf.

You may feel a need to add more information to a situation to help find an answer. In real estate, the stock market, or using your computer, this can be beneficial.

Adding more information to the golf swing is the best way in the world to get WORSE.

It’s time we simplified the golf swing. It is NOT difficult. Give a child a stick and let him/her watch a good golf swing. Give them a few minutes to hard wire the swing directly into their brains. Say nothing. Let their wonderful brains “put it together”. Step back and watch one of the best, most beautiful, natural, golf swings you have ever seen.


They are NOT aware that the technical information exists.

There are only 3 key points in the golf swing. If they are correct, everything else will happen automatically. You will not find the key in golf books, lessons, or other videos. We have never seen the keys together in one place anywhere, except in our video.

You obviously have something in mind by reading this letter.

A goal that is personal to you.

Your goal may simply be to play a round of golf with a better swing, more distance, lower scores and an understanding of what makes your game “tick.” In our videos, you will find these answers.

Others have come before you. They were searching for “their answers” when they found our site. They ordered the videos and wrote us. You may find “yourself” in their stories.

Good Luck,

Jim McLellan

McLellan School of Golf

John Richardson's Success Story

Do YOU think it is possible for a golfer, who has never broken 100, to shoot par on a championship golf course in only ONE year?

One morning, I received a very interesting email from a John Richardson of Bangor Down, United Kingdom.

John wrote asking me if I thought it would be possible for him to shoot par in only ONE year "...I am currently undergoing a quest to try and see whether it is possible to take a golfer who cannot break 100 and within a year have them playing a scratch round on a championship course. Conventional wisdom and 99% of golfers I have spoken to maintain this is impossible. It took Greg Norman three years to get to scratch for goodness sake."

Here was a man, I had never met, with a family who works 50 hours a week, asking me a question that could influence his golfing future based on my response. I told John I was confident that with my instruction, the right attitude, and the commitment to a great deal of practice that it was, indeed, possible.

John's success story has been featured in a golf magazine in the United Kingdom. Although several of our students have accomplished this lofty goal, this is the first instance of validation for all the world to read.

About Jim McLellan

Jim has been featured by the New York Times, NBC, CBS, Entertainment Tonight, Today's Golfer, and ABC. He is also prominently featured in John Richardson's best selling book, "Dream On"

Jim has helped tens of thousands of golfers improve their game when all other instruction has failed.

Introduced to golf at age 8, Jim quickly became known as the "Whiz Kid" with an incredible swing and a gifted ability to instruct. At age 15, students came to him at his family owned golf course from four surrounding states.

Weighing in at 110 pounds at age 15, Jim could hit the ball over 300 yards. He owned 2 course records, was the golf star on the high school team, Junior State Tournament medalist, one of the top four Colorado golfers to play in the International JCS tournament in Columbus Ohio, and a low qualifier for National Jr. Amateur.

Jim attended Arizona State University at Tempe on a golf scholarship and graduated from the PGA Golf School in Long Beach California.

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